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Simple Guide

On your first run you will be faced with a message box telling you to select your user area. Click browse and navigate to: C:\Users\~~~~

Where the ~~~~ is your username

After this it should load up the main application,

On the list to the left there should be a list of the worlds in your minecraft saves and to the right is a list of all the things in your backup / extra saves folder,

To move a world from minecraft to your backup:
  • Simply click on a world ( The list on the left should display this )
  • Above where it says 'To backup' there should be a box,
    • Enter a name into that box and click 'To backup',

To move a world to minecraft:
  • Select it from the list to the right
  • Above where it says 'To minecraft' there should be a combo box,
    • Click it and click one of the world names

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